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Top Mewtwo #3 by DYW14 Top Mewtwo #3 by DYW14
#3 Pokemon the Origin Mewtwo
(Pokemon Origins)

NOTE: Sorry for the very late delay, I was very busy working on my mystery pic for a art
contest for this show event this Saturday and having a bit of circumstances of submitting
it. I will post it after this.

Previous Mewtwo #5 and 4:…

Music while you read:……

Oh my, everybody was so pumped up when Pokemon the Origin was announced  as a
short 4 episode mini-series that has
the sweet nostalgic throwback of Pokemon Red and Green (Red and Blue in US) with a
blend of FRLG designs and realistic intense battles that Satoshi Tajiri wanted the anime to
be since the very beginning (READ THE POKEMON ADVENTURES MANGA!!). 
Production I.G. did the entire mini-series, btw.

My whole to the mini-series:…

Here's the episodes if you haven't seen them:
Episode 1 - Red :…

Episode 2 - Cubone :…

Episode 3 - Giovanni :…

Episode 4 - Charizard :…


Episode 4 is when the animation budget reaches its' peak. After former Champion Green,
crippled and bedridden from a powerful pokemon from Cerulean Cave, now Champion
Red remembers the dairy from the mansion from Cinnabar and goes after it to fill his

Here's the full battle:…

First off, I'm SO glad I.G. productions added this Mewtwo as a final boss at the end after
ALL the dissappointments from Yuyama's fail attempts for his Mewtwo to be popular. Of
course, in RGBY/FRLG have Mewtwo after you beat the Elite Four. ^^
This Mewtwo is the most decent recently, but he's right in between of good and bad for
good reasons.

So, what's good about him?
I really LOVE his mixture of M01 and FRLG design! They got his eyeshines right, too!
They got his original backstory that sticks to a natural explaination of him being the
"Child of Mew", although not really explained in much detail.
His introduction.
In my blue version that I used to play, whenever I encounter Mewtwo to capture it, it'll
always go, "Mew!". I thought, "Am I capturing a kitten or a powerful pokemon?"
Here in the OVA, he jumps out and ROARS like a animal.  
(Stop at 2:24)

This totally put the emphasis on "a WILD MEWTWO appears", and I liked it a lot more than
Mirage Mewtwo.
He has a more aggressive and fierce personality (super wild animal) which totally fits the
"most savage heart of all pokemon". Which makes him the "3rd Mewtwo".

Not only that he has his nice throwback of his original moveset:
Recover, Psychic, Barrier, and Swift, he fights VERY DIFFERENTLY from M01 and M16. Unlike
the previous two that flies around and stuff. This one fights ON the ground like in the
games. In fact, his battlefield in Cerulean Cave you encounter is where he's standing. Also,
he's powerful like it says in his title, "Most Powerful Pokemon". He just beaten an
ARTICUNO in one hit after a recover from it's Blizzard!! That was a nice accomplishment. :3…

I really love how they animate him in battle with the jumping and DAT BACKFLIP!…
I even chuckled when I first saw him running around his battlefield.
He's fast on land too.…

So what I don't like?

"And for you old Mewtwo fans out there (and myself), the final fight in the final
episode will totally wipe that Movie 16 dissappointment off your face! They
respect Mewtwo BIG TIME in this special the best way possible. I'm going to talk about
that in the spoilers in tumblr."

I regret what I said about THAT part in my review:…

I changed my mind about that.

Well, since there's nothing wrong about him this time since I.G. production got
everything down right in the first half of this smooth animated piece of work, except
what happened to him in the second half.
The second half of the battle bothers me a little bit.
First, the introduction of Mega Charizard X.
I really love it's design and HOW Mega Evolutions should be introduced (even though
that shouldn't belong in a Gen1/Gen3 reboot), but he was overpowered a little too much.
Even, Mewtwo's reaction says it all.…

Why would they test the Mega Evolution on a Mewtwo? They could have test it on a
Nidoking or a Cloyster, or a Blastoise.
They could have him equally match with this Mewtwo.
So why did they overpowered him? Note that Charizard's level is somewhat below
Mewtwo's level 70 when Red got there. Pokemon X and Y promotions....
Also, that Mega Punch, could have killed him since he got the tough claw ability that
DOUBLES his now boosted physical attack power BREAKING HIS SPINE IN THE PROCESS.

And lastly, the obvious worst case scenerio that I was expecting since this Mewtwo
showed up in the second trailer: Getting captured.…

When you're capturing Mewtwo as the protagonist in the games, it's
very challenging (and mostly frustrating), but felt rewarding after you capture it.
It's all good. This Mewtwo is now yours to keep and train it good until it's up to lvl. 100.
But here, he gets captured in TWO ULTRABALLS from Red, which rarely ever happened in
the games, if you're very lucky enough with a Pokeball.
I'm guessing this Mewtwo just thrashed everybody except Charizard before he got

The worst part of it is that this Mewtwo, is the LAST POKEMON and the ONLY MEWTWO
to be CAUGHT for Red's 150th pokedex entry. He caught A mewtwo.
Also, you don't know what Red is going to do with this Mewtwo after being caught. He's
too busy trying to capture Mew somewhere in the mountains.
I wish I.G. production could have respect Mewtwo in an awesome way at the end rather
than being beaten, captured and that's it.
At least the animation in the final battle is still very good. :)

All in all, I had a great time with this Mewtwo and this awesome, well-animated, short
mini-series. It was a very nice breath of fresh air, but I wish they could have done better
with the final battle a bit more at the end. Let's hope for a Gold and Silver OVA sequel for
that! :3

So how can you respect him while being free and captured at the same time?

Well, there's only one medium I did looked into....

Also, I'm very glad that the Masterball isn't in the OVA, that project got cancelled. :3
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