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My name is Denise.
I'm a weird comic artist working on Year of the Cow. :3

Be sure to check my webcomic every Wednesday on Petite Symphony. :3

Current Residence: At the bath house ^.^;
Favourite style of art: Anime and a bit of anthro
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Favourite cartoon character: Don't know yet. *shrugs*
Personal Quote: "When you die at the palace,you really at the palace."
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Nothing:3
  • Reading: Nothing :3
  • Eating: Nothing:3
  • Drinking: water:3
MegaCon 2014 Update:

Day 1
After I got the only con bracelet, I went down to the dealers room to find One Piece Movie 6, but I did end up finding even more unexpectingly better: One Piece Strong World on DVD.

It was my first time being all by myself going anywhere around the convention while my brother cosplays with his friends outside of the convention, since he already bought the ticket for me in advanced.
At first I was afraid of going alone in the con, but after I stumble upon a good friend of mine, I wasn't afraid anymore.

Before we went to Orlando, we went to this walmart which I discovered that it sells a dipping pen set of nibs and a seperate ink bottle, and Primscolor pen set with a variety of sizes.

Also, while looking for artbooks, that Avatar artbook that is my holy grail for inspiration teasing me.
After the dealer's room is closed and met :iconfredgdperry: with that awesome exercise tip by sketching Mui in my sketchbook and me drawing his brittney digger on a tiny sketch card quickly with pencil and sharpie, then gave him my business card an exchange for his but it didin't fit my business card wallet and gave me his magnet business card instead.

He told me he did the no erase exercise while drawing her with a pencil. He told me my art style is cute and bubbly for any genre except sci fi. I never touch the machinery before.

I even saw the fans of Fred wearing Gold Digger T shirts.

I met another group of friends and one of them cosplays a nice Lil Mac and the other has a boom box that just plays both Punch Out themes old and new. My brother takes me to this hyatt hotel room to visit and went to the bathroom, something totally caught my guard. There's a tv inside the bathroom mirror which comes with a remote that says electric mirror.

Oh yeah, I showed Lil' Mac my Lil Mac Kirby drawing and gave him my business card.

That ends day one of megacon with finally a hotel room to stay in a different hotel.

Day 2: I was expecting my good friend to show up in a Niu cosplay from Kill La Kill, but I found her two friends instead. I took some pictures of the whole lego section from The Lego Movie. While looking for my friend, I had to settle with Phil Lamarr first since I told you that I met him on my first convention.

He was surprised that he remembered me from so long ago and telling him that I loved his work.

I was brave enough to met him unlike my first meeting from ago. I was super shy when I first met him and it was a terrible experience for my first con.

I felt I dealt my personal darkness inside me that was haunting me for 7 years. Just like  the episode of Samurai Jack dealing with his dark infection from Aku. Speaking of Aku, I saw an Aku cosplay made out of balloons that comes with a little Samurai Jack balloon in his hands. That guy showed up to Phil and Phil takes a picture of him. It was amazing.

Then I finally met Rob Paulsen and telling him I appreciate his work and podcast. He told me his next one is with Mark Hamill. I was going to give Otakuman a shout out from him for showing me Bravoman, but they got the prices for photo and recording for 10 and 20 for signing. Also I'm saving for One Piece Strong World and not enough money.

Then I met Jim Cummings asking me where I've been. Apparently, he been seeing me while meeting Phil and Rob. I told him I appreciate his work and my initials is 'DW' then he did a darkwing impression for me to 'get dangerous' and winked  at me. I winked him back. ;3

Finally I met Richard Horvitz and telling him I can't wait to play psychonauts and love him voicing  Zim in Invader Zim. He told me I was very sweet to him.

After that I took a break and sketched mewtwo with a sharpie marker learning from Fred's exercise. I showed it to him and told me I'm quite good and then drew Mewtwo in his style starting with the head.

Then I spend the whole saturday night walking around, playing brawl, and in a huge drawing frenzy. Then I played card against humanity with a group until the convention hall closes.

Then I went to that hyatt hotel that my brother was finding me and met lil mac again and gave me his tumblr account and wants to get back drawing with me sometime. Then we traveled to this non existent pool party that was all for nothing, but at least we spend a little visit in a room for baked enchilladas until we came back to our hotel room and slept through the night.

Day 3 (Final Day): I briskly walked to the dealer's room buying One Piece Strong World and whatever I could spend for $5, but ending up buying a signed Gold Digger from Fred himself.
The final art trade we did after a photo was my sharpie drawing of Taro and Mui and his was Taro drawn in my main sketchbook with a sharpie pen.

On the way back home, I heard Richard Horvitz's commercial on the radio twice which totally made my day.

And that was my trip to MegaCon. :3

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